An open source toolset for creation of audio gameplay. Its formation is a response to increasing activity in the creation of compelling audio-only games, and a desire on our part to provide a base upon which developers in this area may be empowered to reach the next steps of creative exploration. We began this project in collaboration with Tassos Stevens, of Coney in London, designer of the groundbreaking “Papa Sangre” title, and he remains a guiding influence as we advance the project. The power of audio and music and its potential as a freestanding media of game experience drives this effort. It is being developed in C++, with a focus on creating low-level code specifically tailored to developing audio play experiences. Our initial development is toward usage on iOS devices.

From its beginning as a response to need in a growing area of game development, the concept of sonic has expanded as diverse interested entities have added insight and support. Although sonic is specifically targeted at creation of audio gameplay, since there are already numerous excellent tools for audio creation and import into games, we are proud to have the input of many industry audio professionals, who share interest in a richer audio play experience.

An element of our mission as an organization is greater inclusivity and growth of small team game development in this region. While visually-based games, especially image-rich open-map formats, require a significant scale of skills and finance, audio games present the potential for music creators, producers, podcasters and simply those who would build a large scale immersive game experience with modest resources, to do so.

By defining our task as creating tools for audio-only games, we inherently provide useful tools for accessibility without the need for recourse to text-to-speech. As we develop sonic, it will begin with raw elements for integration, and although visual editing of the play experience is important, access via scripting is an important element of enabling access to these tools for blind developers.

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