Grassroots Game Conference 2013 Wrapup

  Some amazing folks joined us for this year’s conference (coming from as far afield as London and Los Angeles), and we were proud to announce funding of the Pennsylvania Game Studio program, for which we’re about to begin staffing up with Pennsylvania college students and recent graduates. Of special value to us were the […]

Grassroots Game Conference


Thoughts on Tax Breaks for Game Developers in Pennsylvania

We were interviewed the other day for a brief piece by WHYY/Newsworks, but since they wisely limited the length of my ramblings on the subject, I thought a few additional notes on the issue might be of interest to some patient folks: 1. In 2006, I co-founded a company in New Orleans with the folks […]

Wow, the first Grassroots Game Conference is complete!

We held our first Grassroots Game Conference last week as part of our core mission of facilitating small team, creative game development, emphasizing its significance as a key trend in the industry today, and specifically highlighting the unique differentiators of Philadelphia in this area. We presented this first year in coordination with Philly Tech Week, and […]

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